Atom Tickets uses customer data…to boost email channel revenue by 75%


The team at Atom Tickets knew they were missing opportunities with customers using the current transaction-based email program. They decided to rebuild their CRM platform as a customer-first email program. By reworking email templates, personalizing campaigns, and addressing customer drop-off we were able to drive a +75% jump in channel revenue from email and push notifications.

The Challenge

Atom Tickets faced two challenges with their email program:

  • Pre-sale ticket sales were nearly non-existent.
  • Users were unfamiliar with the features Atom Tickets offers that differentiated them from their competition.

The objective was to leverage customer data to segment user audiences and deliver personalized email campaigns that deliver messages tailored to user behavior and help drive app adoption.

Being relatively new to the movie ticketing scene, nearly 75% of their customers were first-time purchasers. The majority of their 2x+ customers were purchasing tickets on the day of showtime. Furthermore, those existing customers failed to leverage the ability to pre-order concessions or use the “split the bill” feature that didn’t exist in any other movie ticket app, a key differentiator.

Because of this Atom Tickets was highly dependent on “batch and blast” promotional discounts to drive the 2nd purchase from existing customers, and relied heavily on tent pole movie releases that appealed to the general population to see a strong conversion rate from their existing customer base.

Overhauling their Approach

Addressing Lost Opportunities

Atom Tickets had been primarily using email as a means for Transactional Messaging. i.e. Order Placed, Order Update, Refund Issued…etc. Other than a weekly Newsletter, they deployed Ad-Hoc Campaigns to promote ticketing for tent pole movie releases.

We took an in-depth look at user behavior and prioritized user journeys with the highest perceived revenue potential. As a result, we identified the following use cases where revenue may currently be left on the table.

  • Users exhibiting high engagement with specific movie detail pages and/or taking an action on the page.
  • Users have an affinity for purchasing specific movie genres.
  • Users purchase from a concession enabled venue, but never pre-ordered concessions in the past.
Marketing Automation

Once the data was in place we designed and developed new mobile-responsive email templates to ensure the highest potential for engagement with the email and one that allowed for creative to be easily adaptable to dynamic content that was scalable on a 1:1 level.

This resulted in executing the following automated campaigns:

  • Auto-Trigger Ticket Pre-Sale notifications to users who have taken an action on a movie detail page when pre-sale opens.
  • Auto-Trigger On-Sale notifications to users who have a history of purchasing that genre of movie. Indie films to Blockbusters.
  • Implement Time-Based notifications to encourage users to pre-order concessions up to 1-hour prior to their upcoming movie showtime.
Leveraging Customer Data

As a result of our user journey mapping, the next step was to capture this data and implement a data feed into the Email Service Provider (ESP) in order to power personalized communications. Once the data was QA’d and confirmed to be flowing in real-time we were able to leverage this data to not only create segmented audiences that dynamically populated, but we were also able to use this data to personalize the content and copy within the email itself.


The email marketing program at Atom Tickets has grown to as many as 2,000,000 personalized sends per month at the time of this case study. Conversion Rate attributed to these personalized email campaigns jumped +66% over their all-time benchmark.

In addition, their Average Order Value on ticket purchases made at concession enabled theatres jumped +25% as users took advantage of the concession pre-order alerts to add additional items to their original order.

Enabling triggered messages to notify users a movie they might be interested in is now On-Sale established a new recurring revenue stream, saved the marketing & creative teams countless development hours, and has established a deeper connection with their users.


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