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Experience tangible results in the form of high traffic, higher engagement, and better brand awareness with our paid social campaigns that have benefited our existing clients.

Social Media Campaigns That Deliver


Drive Higher & Consistent Sales

Mera Group enables prompt connections with your targeted prospects, orchestrating and managing paid digital marketing efforts that promise high sales, every month!


Get Tangible Results with Clarity

Our paid social campaigns focus on delivering results in reaching new customers for your business, identifying new opportunities as well as pitfalls precision, clarity, transparency and depth.


Expand Your Reach with Pre-Defined Paid Ads

We utilize paid marketing strategies based on the tailored ads for a business, executing them with tracking and analytics to boost reach transparently. We help you connect with your intended audience, revealing your brand story in the best light.

Driving a Social Revolution, Powered by Your Narrative!

We leverage social media platforms to dictate your intended narrative – for your brand, offerings, and your audience.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

We help you create and run tailored campaigns with simple self-service tools, aligned with objectives, budget, audience, and formats, followed by efficient tracking and measurement of performance through easy-to-read reports.


LinkedIn Ads

We utilize the prime business and professional-oriented platform to carve a niche for your brand image, with multi-touchpoint campaigns to reach your intended demographics.


Remarketing Campaigns

We make optimal use of the user intent in your prospect’s searches to target them strategically with your business ads, all through the web, subtly working on brand recall for maximizing sales.


Video Ad Management

Our video ads are intuitive, charismatic, and engaging, aligned with brand interests, keeping the audience on the hook, through effective video ad management.


Performance Analytics

We track paid campaign performance statistics to assess what works, and what doesn’t. Our analytics engine churns out numbers showcasing tangible results of our campaigns’ success.

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  • What is Paid Social Media Marketing?

    Paid social media marketing is a marketing strategy of advertisement displays and sponsored brand messages placed intuitively on social media platforms, targeted towards the intended audience. The campaigns revolve around Pay-per-click advertising, brand-aligned ad banners, influencer marketing content, and other approaches. This strategy leverages the immense reach and clout of popular social media to spread the brand message and drive sales.

  • Why does your business need Paid Social Media Marketing?

    With engaging and strategic paid social campaigns, we ensure that you have a sudden rise in the intended audience for your offerings. With strong paid advertising campaigns, we target social media engines to keep the brand and its offerings with expanding reach. Our team of paid marketing specialists can leverage platforms with smart paid ads that lead to personalized landing pages and result in sales.

  • Why choose Mera Group’s Paid Social Media services?

    Our paid social media marketing services revolve around our expertise in leveraging popular social media platforms to reach business goals, developing creative ads that ensure prompt engagement, traffic, and conversions. Mera Group and its team is well versed in budget management of these ads, incorporating best practices into the bidding strategy, minimizing costs in the long run.

    What’s more, we monitor campaign performance consistently, looking for areas of optimization with thorough A/B testing to ensure positive results. We also present comprehensive reports to the clients regularly, with intricate performance analysis by our experts.


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Privacy Policy

© 2024 Mera Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Privacy Policy

© 2024 Mera Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.