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We can deliver focused targeted messages, aligning our content and design with your objectives with the agency of our impeccable printing solutions with mind-boggling visuals, graphics, and words.

Salient Features of Print Marketing Collateral Services


Define your Brand, consistently!

Mera Group enables brands to define its own style and outline corporate identity with harmony, so that companies can attract relevant customers and drive sales with clarity and precision!


Get brand-focused collateral

Our brand-focused collateral explores the company’s offerings, tailored to their inherent vision, along with the quality and efficiency of its offerings.


Imbue harmony in your marketing arsenal

As a print marketing collateral consultant, we define, design, and deliver sales kits, business cards, newsletters, reports, and press releases including relevant colours, fonts, and elements, true to your visual brand identity.

Driving the Print resurgence, one brochure at a time!

Mera Group leverages its two decades of experience to enhance its print design capabilities, enabling businesses to represent themselves better in their markets.


Product Packaging Services

Our team of print collateral designers are experts in designing outstanding brand-aligned packages that are sure to make heads turn, while communicating the efficiency, quality, creativity, and care inherent in your brand approach compared to your competitors.


Business Cards Design

We ensure that the first impression of your business counts as a lasting impression through your stylish business cards. We ensure that your face-to-face interactions with customers have striking elements of your brand in the right format and finish.


Banners and Signage

We ensure that every physical banner and signage present in your storefront, booth, and your offices include high-impact and sleek brand elements that can capture attention and rein in new leads.


Brochures and Leaflets

Mera Group employs a number of outstanding designers who are well-versed in brochure design to carve a niche identity for your brand with uncluttered, attention-grabbing representation on brochures, leaflets, fact sheets, sales materials, and more.


Promotional Items

Give your swag and freebies an upgrade with our undeniably impeccable approach to designing promotional items including coffee mugs, USB stick, or t-shirts, applying high-quality design for routine product merchandise.

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Mera Group can provide relevant print marketing collateral services that enable brands to strike at the heart of the market, aided by professional design and strategic marketing initiatives.

To know more about our print marketing ideas aligned with your business objectives, contact our marketing design experts today!


  • What is Print Marketing Collateral?

    Print Marketing collateral presents businesses with varied forms of print media that carry the company and brand’s message to the intended audience through brochures, sales letters, leaflets, banners, business cards, and more. The marketing collateral is specifically aligned with business identity and brand image, especially with the inherent style guide, elements, logos, and visual palette.

  • Why does your business need print marketing collateral?

    Even though the world has evolved into the digital realm, print media is still making a drastic impact in sales. Companies still rely on print media to get their brand message or their service efficiency across. Their branding and marketing strategy revolves on a balance of both print and digital media, counting on the audience of both worlds. Print marketing collateral also makes a tangible effect on marketing efforts, giving the customers a genuine brand story that they can hold on with consistency. Brand recalls are extremely effective if the audience could retain the physical brochures and ads that they happen to like in due course of time.

  • Why choose Mera Group’s print marketing collateral services?

    Mera Group can assist your brand to deliver focused brand messages through print media initiatives. Our high-quality printing solutions marry visuals with brilliantly printed marketing brochures and other documents that shine and make an impression right at the first glance.

    As your one-stop printing and marketing solutions provider, our print marketing solutions span business cards, brochures, folders, fact sheets, letterheads, reports, sales kits, and more, blessed with visual harmony, balance, and arresting content. Mera Group also boasts of more than 2 decades of experience in the field, guided by an adroit team of marketing, branding, and design professionals, who can deliver the goods.


    Whether you are a brand, a startup, or an enterprise willing to make a strong marketing impression or keen to retain customers, we can help you out. Contact our marketing experts to know more.


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Privacy Policy

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