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Salient Features of Website and eCommerce Store Development Solutions


Build your E-Store, Seamlessly!

Mera Group builds dynamic websites and e-stores that presents a wide catalogue of products, easy search, and quick checkouts!


Experience outstanding sales

Our e-commerce stores balance aesthetics with performance to attract shoppers of all kinds enabling streamlined navigation of product pages and payment gateway.


Deliver a rich user experience

We design commerce portals with a rich user interface, ensuring a worthwhile user experience with optimum load times, automated workflows, easy product up-sell tactics, and seamless checkout for purchases.

Driving the e-commerce revolution, multiple sales across demographics!

As e-commerce solution partners, we design and develop e-stores and dynamic websites that aid companies to market their offerings through comprehensive product listings, and much more.


E-Store Development

Whether you need a dynamic yet compact eCommerce storefront, or a useful lead-generation portal for business, or aesthetic art-based websites, our website developers can deliver the goods.


One-Page Portal Development

We develop splash pages and a scroller web page that works as a portal of all features under a single landing page for startups and product pages to facilitate simplified user experience


User Experience Design and User Interface Design

We develop outstanding design mockups that embrace a fantastic web design, ensuring a superlative user experience, blending utility elements with aesthetics for responsive rendering on varied browsers, along with laptops and mobiles.


Innovative templates

We offer tailored e-commerce and dynamic web design packages that consider user experience (UX) to the tee, imbued with refreshing templates on the bootstrap basis, with custom code to aid business-oriented transactions.


Comprehensive Website audit

Mera Group conducts a thorough audit of websites and e-commerce portals to weed out inconsistencies, bugs, and problems that could exist after website development, followed by suggested improvements and approach for implementation.

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Mera Group can build and manage your e-commerce portal with efficiency and effectiveness, propelling sales with our collective experience and expertise.

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  • What is Website and E-Commerce Store Development?

    E-commerce stores refer to online stores that house products and services to sell to users across the globe through the payment gateway incorporated to the portal. Companies bank on effective websites and marketplaces to make purchases, especially those known to be trusted in the market.

  • Why does your business need a website and e-commerce store?

    Businesses need e-commerce stores to expand their business online, counting on orders from far and wide. E-commerce stores facilitate easy ordering and dispatch of goods from one place to another, with an easy display of products, comprehensive product descriptions along with technical outlines. The customers can buy products by adding them to the cart and checking out to a landing page to confirm address dispatch and final charges on orders. Companies can even club handy discounts in case of bulk purchases.

  • Why choose Mera Group’s website and eCommerce development services?

    With its comprehensive website and eCommerce store development solutions, Mera Group offers intuitive websites and e-stores that house innumerable products according to their physical inventory. We ensure that companies can scale their website portal up and down through cloud storage of their product details, including their high-resolution images and videos to convince and encourage new buyers to the portal. Mera Group also offers a number of possibilities for companies to sell their product variants in a single listing on the basis of colours, sizes, patterns, and utilities.


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Privacy Policy

© 2024 Mera Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.