SEM 2021: Complete Search Engine Marketing Beginner’s Guide

What is Search Engine Marketing?

The purpose of search engine marketing is to drive traffic to your website through ads on SERPs (search engine result pages). This is one of the major benefits of search engine marketing. At one point, SEM included both SEO and paid ads. However, with the passage of time, SEM came to symbolize paid ads only on SERPs. Bear in mind though that SEM is different from display ads that rely on 3rd party websites instead of search engines for showing ads.

Here are search engine marketing best practices that will work nicely for you in 2021.

Keyword Research

To select the best keywords that will generate the most website traffic, you will need to perform keyword research. Finding out what users frequently search for is one of the most important search engine marketing techniques.

By understanding trending keywords, you will know how to prepare ads and ad copy that sell well. You can customize your ads according to the most frequently used keywords to drive maximum website traffic.

Since not all keywords are the same, you will have to pay different amounts for them. How much you pay for each keyword depends on its popularity. Thus, you will have to bid higher amounts for the most lucrative keywords.

As keywords are so imperative, you will have to carry out testing as well as optimization to gain maximum leverage. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run and give you the maximum return on your SEM budget.

Search Ad Copy

After getting a list of the best keywords, you should prepare ad copy that will lure the audience into clicking on your ads. You will need a good copywriter for this job since enticing people to click on your ads will require some convincing.

Ad copy is of paramount importance since it is one of the first impressions that your audience gets about your brand. The first impression can be the main difference between success and failure. Hence, you should make sure to use the best ad copy that will generate maximum interest.
When you update your keyword list, you should also update your ad copy so that it is pertinent to the interests of your audience.

Landing Page

A good landing page will help you to make the all-important conversion. Paying for ads and writing good copy makes sense only if you convert prospects into paying customers. This is what the landing page can help you to do.

Your ad copy should be as succinct as possible so that people can read it at a glance. The primary purpose of ad copy is thus to pique interest and convey your brand image. The landing page on the other hand is far more comprehensive. It is an emphatic and detailed statement of your brand values and company DNA.

Your landing page should sell because prospects arriving here have clicked on your ad for which you will have to pay. Make sure that you have a powerful call to action that will convince your audience to buy from you.

Monitoring SEM Success

To manage any process, you will have to quantify it and follow the metrics. If you can’t measure it, you cannot manage it. Thus, a sound SEM monitoring strategy is needed to avoid wasting money on tactics that don’t work.

You can increase SEM success by going for platforms that work. While Google and Facebook have the lion’s share of the digital ad market, Amazon is gaining ground quickly. You may be able to improve your SEM metrics with Amazon ads, because visitors have a strong intent to buy, thus leading to a higher conversion rate.


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